Where to find wedding flowers for rent? Bifloral has wrist corsages, floral crowns, and more!

January 29, 2024

Discover the perfect wedding flowers for rent at Bifloral. From wrist corsages to cake flowers, Bifloral offers a diverse selection, allowing you to adorn your special day with high-quality silk flowers without the commitment of purchasing. Elevate the aesthetic with flowers for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members and friends, and even for the cake.

Where to find wedding flowers for rent?

Bifloral is your best option if you are looking for artificial flowers for rent at Playa del Carmen. We offer our high-quality products all across Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Tulum. 

Our purpose is that you can have the best wedding and be the perfect bride with amazing arrangements and the perfect bouquet. 

Flowers play a significant role in setting the tone for your wedding environment, as their color can place us in a romantic, modern, or parting mood. That’s why in Bifloral, in addition to bridal bouquets, you can find exclusive items that come in such a wide variety.

Bridesmaid bouquets

Bridesmaids are the right hand of the bride, they are a support and can help in the wedding preparations since they were chosen by the bride. They often have a bouquet, which enhances the bride’s bouquet by making it stand out more. 

These bouquets can also have other functions, such as:

  • Centerpieces at the reception
  • Photo background
  • Chair decor
  • Welcome table or head table decor


The groom has to look nice too and because of that, boutonnieres are a complement for them and the bridal bouquet. The groomsmen receive boutonnieres that match the bridesmaid’s bouquets, but also some family members can wear one on their suits.

Boutonnieres will make the groom look classy and elegant on his wedding day.

Wrist corsages

The corsages symbolize affection or attachment to another person, so it’s like giving them a symbol of your love. Traditionally, at weddings, the corsages are for moms and grandmothers, but you can also give them to your sisters, aunts, cousins, or close friends.

This accessory can be pinned to the outfit or worn around the wrist and must follow the same palette color as the other arrangements.

Cake flowers

The cake should not be overlooked, even though it is not the main focus. It is something everyone looks forward to, so it has to be visually attractive. For a wedding, what could be better than decorating your cake with silk flowers and foliage?

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Bifloral offers you more wedding items than we mentioned above that you can rent, check them in our catalogue, place your order and have a beautiful wedding.

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