Discover trends in artificial wedding bouquets for 2024 and be the perfect bride!

January 29, 2024

Wedding trends change every year, so in this blog, you will find out that bright and pastel colors, elegant simplicity and greenery are coming to adorn artificial wedding bouquets this year.

Also, we will present you 3 bridal bouquets of Bifloral, the silk flower shop based in Playa del Carmen that gives you the option to rent floral arrangements for your special day.

Artificial wedding bouquet trends for 2024

We know that natural flowers are beautiful and give a refreshing sensation, but what happens when you are getting married at Riviera Maya? The flowers will wither, that’s why we offer you silk bouquets, so your flowers will look amazing even in hot weather. Also, one of the trends in 2024 has to do with sustainability and for this reason, many brides prefer to use artificial flowers which reduces the carbon footprint.

If you want to know why to use artificial flowers, read this article.

Bifloral invites you to know the upcoming trends in artificial bouquets so you can look perfect on your special day.

Vibrant colors and pastel colors

The color palette in 2024 will be very creative. 

To reflect their personalities, brides are choosing unconventional colors and bold combinations. For a wedding full of joy and a festive atmosphere, vibrant colors like orange, yellow, and lime can be perfect, just like blue, pink, and purple.

But we will also see pastel colors: a romantic wedding can be enhanced by the soft atmosphere created by these delicate and ethereal colors. They are perfect if you prefer a dreamy and romantic mood. Choose pastel shades like pink, blue, and lilac.

Simplicity and elegance: flowers of a single variety

The trend “less is more” has arrived to flowers. Couples are choosing simple and elegant bouquets and also bouquets with a single variety of flowers. This trend is perfect for those who lean for minimalist compositions, a subtle or modern style. Neutral colors such as gray, white, black, and metallic touches are the best option, or you can choose a monochromatic palette if you are looking for elegance.

Greenery as a complement

Green and lush leaves will be utilized to craft voluminous arrangements, garlands, and crowns. The bouquets will be characterized by texture and movement, complemented by wild foliage, eucalyptus, and spikes. This trend accentuates the beauty of the flowers, creating a sense of lightness and refreshing the eye.

Bifloral’s bridal bouquets

With Bifloral you can get floral arrangements for rent at a fraction of the cost of real flowers. Get to know 3 of our bridal bouquets for a festive or romantic wedding.


This bridal bouquet is perfect if you are looking for light colors. It includes a variety of silk flowers such as white roses, white carnations, ivory hydrangeas, light blush roses, and a mix of greenery.


It features white ranunculus, peach roses, cabbage roses, hydrangeas, peonies, eucalyptus, and dusty miller.

If you prefer the delicacy of peonies, the romanticism of roses, and bright and pastel colors, this bouquet is for you.


Composed of light pink, white and hot pink roses and hydrangeas, and white carnations and lisianthus. Perfect if you like bold combinations, this bouquet is perfect since it has vibrant and light colors.

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Choose your favorite wedding flowers at Bifloral

Visit Bifloral and choose the perfect artificial wedding bouquet to make your big day this 2024 memorable. Remember that flowers are the most important complement because they determine the mood.

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